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Since InkFreeNews was launched in 2014, we’ve been providing readers in north central Indiana with up-to-the-minute local news, features, and sports coverage.

Even during the unprecedented pandemic, InkFreeNews has continued to keep readers in Kosciusko County and surrounding areas informed with no disruption in service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I support Ink Free News?[showhide]
A healthy local news business model has multiple revenue streams, supported by both advertisers and readers.

Readers supporting are an essential piece to allowing us to continue providing quality journalism to our community.

Contributing to support local journalism helps fund a professional staff of local journalists who focus on sharing the stories that matter most to our community.


I already get Ink Free News for free, so why should I pay?[showhide]
We hope you believe in our mission of keeping our community connected and informed and value it in a way that justifies your financial support. Quality local journalism will not survive without the support of its readers.


What will my contribution go toward?[showhide]
100% of your contribution goes directly toward local journalists, reporting local stories, in our community.


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One-time contributions are charged immediately to your PayPal/credit card.
Monthly contributions are also charged immediately to your PayPal/credit card and then subsequently charged on the same day each month.


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When you contribute, our system will automatically send a receipt to the email address you provide.


What if I want to change my recurring contribution?[showhide]
You can manage your contribution by visiting the link in your email. You are free to change or cancel your monthly contribution at any time through subscriptions in PayPal.


Are there other ways to support[showhide]
Yes! You can follow our Facebook and YouTube profiles, download our app on Android or Itunes, and share our stories with your friends and family. Thank you!